Microsoft Dynamics 365 prices to increase from October 2024

Effective October 1, 2024, Microsoft is implementing its inaugural pricing restructure for the renowned Dynamics 365 suite in over half a decade. This strategic move aims to align the platform’s value proposition with the cutting-edge enhancements and groundbreaking capabilities introduced since the previous pricing adjustment.

Scope: A Comprehensive Overhaul Across Customer Segments

This pricing revamp will have a far-reaching impact, affecting all customer segments globally, including enterprises, small and medium businesses, government entities, and educational institutions. The new pricing structure will be applicable across various licensing programs, such as Volume Licensing, Microsoft Cloud Agreement for Enterprise (MCA-E), Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), and Web Direct.

Both new and existing customers will be subject to the revised pricing model. Existing customers will experience the price changes upon their next renewal cycle after October 1, 2024. Notably, the products will be priced comparably across different currencies, ensuring a consistent global implementation.

Unveiling the New Pricing Landscape

The following sections outline the specific price increases for various Microsoft Dynamics 365 products, effective October 1, 2024.

Cloud Solutions: Embracing Digital Transformation

Cloud Product Estimated Price Increase
Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise 11%
Dynamics 365 Sales Device 10%
Dynamics 365 Sales Premium 11%
Microsoft Relationship Sales (10-99 users) 9%
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise 11%
Dynamics 365 Customer Service Device 10%
Dynamics 365 Field Service 11%
Dynamics 365 Field Service Device 10%
Dynamics 365 Finance 17%
Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 17%
Dynamics 365 Commerce 17%
Dynamics 365 Human Resources 13%
Dynamics 365 Project Operations 13%
Dynamics 365 Operations – Device 13%

Please note that the price increases shown are estimates, and actual increases may vary due to factors such as contracts, currencies, regions, and other considerations.

Certain cloud products, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Customer Insights, Field Service Resource Scheduling Optimization (RSO), Sales Insights, and Team Members, will maintain their current pricing structure.

Compliance with Government Regulations

To adhere to local regulations, US government list prices for the affected products will undergo a 10% increase on October 1, 2024, followed by an additional, smaller increase on October 1, 2025, to align with the commercial pricing outlined above.

On-Premises Solutions: Bridging the Gap

Prices for on-premises Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Operations products will increase by the same percentage as their respective cloud counterparts, as follows:

On-Premises Product Price Increase
Dynamics 365 Sales (user and device) 11%
Dynamics 365 Customer Service (user and device) 10%
Dynamics 365 Operations (user) 11%
Dynamics 365 Operations (device) 9%
Dynamics 365 Operations (server) 11%

Rationale: Fueling Continuous Innovation

They believe that innovation will impress their clients

Microsoft’s decision to update the pricing structure stems from the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering value and innovation to its customers. Over the past five years, the technology giant has released hundreds of new features and enhancements, propelling the Dynamics 365 platform to new heights.

From AI-powered, real-time customer insights and data analytics to supply chain visibility and end-to-end automation of financial processes, Microsoft has consistently pushed the boundaries of what Dynamics 365 can achieve. This pricing adjustment reflects the platform’s evolution and the substantial investments made to empower businesses with cutting-edge capabilities.

Proactive Planning: Mitigating the Impact

For organizations with Dynamics 365 licenses due for renewal soon, proactively renewing before October 1, 2024, presents an opportunity to lock in the current pricing for the next contract term. By taking this strategic approach, businesses can potentially save on licensing costs and mitigate the impact of the price increase on their operational expenses.

To make an informed decision, it is advisable to evaluate your organization’s budget and forecasted usage, assessing whether an early renewal aligns with your financial goals. If you require expert consultancy regarding your Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses, Carbon and Finch, an established Microsoft Partner, offers first-class implementation and support capabilities tailored to your needs.

Embracing the Future with Carbon and Finch

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Conclusion: Embracing Innovation, Unlocking Growth

The forthcoming pricing update for Microsoft Dynamics 365 represents a pivotal moment for businesses worldwide. By aligning the platform’s value proposition with its cutting-edge capabilities, Microsoft is paving the way for organizations to harness the power of innovation and unlock new growth opportunities.

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