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Sales and Service Mobile App

The Carbon & Finch Sales and Service Mobile App, integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, transforms the conventional sales and service processes into a streamlined, efficient mobile experience. With our app, you can manage customer orders and service requests anytime, anywhere, enhancing productivity and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Carbon & Finch Sales and Service Mobile App?

By adopting the Carbon & Finch Sales and Service Mobile App, your business will leverage cutting-edge technology to enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Say goodbye to cumbersome paperwork and hello to a digital solution that offers both robust functionality and ease of use.

Join the mobile revolution today and take your sales and service operations to the next level!

Getting Started

Easy Setup and Login

Download the app from the Windows Store, configure it with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 credentials, and log in with a secure, encrypted password.

System Requirements

Requires Microsoft Windows compatibility as per the latest supported versions. Ensure your device settings optimise battery use to enable continuous operation.

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Carbon & Finch Sales and Service Mobile App

Key Features: Sales and Service Mobile App

Designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365, our application is crafted to empower your team with tools that simplify and enhance every aspect of customer interaction.

Whether you're handling sales orders or managing service requests, our app ensures that you can do it all efficiently, even on the move. Experience a suite of features that not only speeds up your operations but also improves the overall satisfaction of your customers, giving you a competitive edge in today's fast-paced market.

Each of these features brings specific benefits that can enhance a company's operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately contribute to a stronger bottom line.

Comprehensive Mobile Integration

Seamless Microsoft Dynamics 365 Synchronisation: Whether you're online or offline, your data syncs flawlessly with Microsoft Dynamics 365, ensuring that all your customer and order information is up-to-date and accessible. Batch Processing: Automated processes for order creation and email notifications improve efficiency and response time.

Enhanced User Experience

User-Friendly Interface: Navigate easily through a well-designed menu system to access all functionalities of the app. Offline Capability: Continue working without an internet connection, with changes saved locally and synced once online.

Dynamic Configuration and Customisation

Flexible App Settings: Configure the app to connect to Microsoft Dynamics 365 services, tailoring the setup to meet your specific business needs. Custom Parameters: Set parameters such as the maximum number of orders to sync and default service categories, ensuring the app performs optimally.

Real-Time Data Access and Management

Instant Access to Customer and Product Lists: Quickly view and manage detailed information about customers and products directly from your mobile device. Create and Update Service Reports: Initiate new service orders or update existing ones on the go, capturing all necessary details in real-time.

Secure and Reliable

Document Handling and Signature Capture: Attach documents and capture signatures securely. The app supports multiple file types and ensures that all data is securely stored and processed.

Comprehensive Support and Error Handling

Troubleshooting and FAQs: Get quick answers to common questions and issues directly within the app. Detailed Error Messages: Understand and resolve errors with detailed feedback from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 staging table.

Types Of Companies Our App Can Benefit

The Carbon & Finch Sales and Service Mobile App, especially integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365, is well-suited for a variety of industries where sales and service management are critical components of the business. Here are several types of companies that would significantly benefit from using this software.

Each industry can adapt the features of the Carbon & Finch Sales and Service Mobile App to fit its unique needs, leveraging technology to optimise operations and enhance service delivery.
Serious worker repairing manufacturing machine

Manufacturing Companies

Especially those that manage a large inventory of products and frequently deal with service orders and customer management.

  • Inventory Management: Track inventory levels in real-time, manage stock across multiple locations, and automate reorder processes.
  • Service Management: Handle maintenance and repair requests for machinery and equipment efficiently by scheduling service calls and dispatching field technicians with all the necessary information available on their mobile devices.
  • Customer Orders: Process and update customer orders on-the-go, improving response times and customer satisfaction.
Asian small business owner working at home office. Business retail market and online sell marketing

Retail Businesses

Particularly large-scale retailers with multiple branches who need to manage stock and customer service efficiently across various locations.

  • Customer Service: Use the app to quickly respond to customer inquiries, manage returns, and handle complaints effectively.
  • Product Management: Maintain up-to-date product information, stock levels, and pricing to assist sales staff in providing accurate information to customers.
  • Order Fulfillment: Manage the entire order fulfillment process from order taking to delivery, directly through the mobile app.
Technician working in field with solar batteries

Field Service Providers

Companies that offer services requiring field operations, such as repairs and maintenance, would find the mobile app's features particularly useful for managing tasks remotely.

  • Remote Job Management: Assign, track, and update job statuses from anywhere, providing field workers with all the details they need to complete service tasks.
  • Client Account Management: Access client histories, service requirements, and previous interactions to provide personalised service.
  • Time Tracking: Log hours spent on each job for accurate billing and payroll.
Medical healthcare researcher and scientist writing experiment detail on paper in clipboard

Healthcare Equipment Suppliers

Companies that supply and service medical equipment could use the app to manage installations, maintenance, and emergency repair services.

  • Equipment Installation and Servicing: Schedule and track installations, routine maintenance, and urgent repairs of medical equipment at various facilities.
  • Compliance Tracking: Ensure all services and equipment comply with industry standards and regulations.
  • Inventory Control: Manage inventory of critical spare parts and supplies to prevent shortages.
Business meeting of construction engineers in the office

Construction and Engineering Companies

These companies can manage project-based orders, service requests, and field reports directly from the construction site.

  • Project Management: Oversee project progress, from initial bids to completion, ensuring all materials and manpower are available as needed.
  • Site Reports: Generate and access site reports for quality control, compliance, and client updates directly from the field.
  • Resource Allocation: Assign equipment and personnel to specific tasks and monitor usage and productivity.
Automotive Industry Car Sale

Automotive Industry

Auto manufacturers and dealerships that need to manage parts inventory, service appointments, and customer follow-ups efficiently.

  • Service Appointments: Schedule and manage service appointments, provide updates and reminders to customers, and track service histories.
  • Parts Inventory: Manage parts inventory efficiently to reduce downtime and ensure parts are available for scheduled services.
  • Warranty Management: Track warranties for parts and services, handle claims, and provide customers with warranty information.
Programmers cooperating at information technology company

Technology Companies

Companies that provide IT and technology equipment services, including installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting support.

  • Support Tickets: Manage support tickets, prioritise issues based on severity, and dispatch technicians with the right skills and tools.
  • Client Configuration Profiles: Store and access configuration profiles and service histories to quickly resolve issues and deploy solutions.
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management: Monitor compliance with SLAs to ensure timely service and maintain customer satisfaction.
Telecommunication Technician Looking Inside Servers Rack

Telecommunications Companies

For managing installations, service calls, and customer interactions regarding various telecom services and products.

  • Installation Scheduling: Manage schedules for installation of services such as internet and cable, ensuring technicians have the right information and materials.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Quickly respond to outages and service disruptions, dispatching teams efficiently to minimise downtime.
  • Customer Interaction: Record and access customer interaction history to provide a personalised experience and resolve issues promptly.
House and utilities. Electricity, heating, water and gas.

Utility Service Providers

Water, gas, and electric companies could use the app for managing service orders, routine checks, and emergency response services.

  • Routine Checks: Plan and record routine maintenance checks for equipment and infrastructure, using the app to guide tasks and record findings.
  • Emergency Services: Manage rapid response teams for emergencies like leaks or outages, with real-time communication and status updates.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Document compliance with regulatory requirements for audits and reports.

Hospitality Management

Businesses in the hospitality sector could utilise the app for equipment service management and customer service operations.

  • Equipment Service Management: Manage maintenance schedules for hospitality equipment such as kitchen appliances and HVAC systems to ensure they are always operational.
  • Guest Services: Handle guest requests and issues quickly, logging each interaction for quality assurance and future reference.
  • Operational Efficiency: Use the app to manage staff tasks, schedules, and availability, ensuring smooth operations across the facility.
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Carbon & Finch Sales and Service Mobile App Pricing

We offer a straightforward licensing option tailored to your business needs. Our pricing is £199 per user per month, which includes support and maintenance. For more detailed information or to discuss how this plan fits your requirements, please contact our sales team. We’re here to guide you with the best sales and service app experience possible.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sales and Service App

Download the app from the Windows Store, enter your Microsoft Dynamics 365 credentials, and follow the prompts to configure your settings.

Absolutely. The app allows you to continue working even without an internet connection. Any changes made will be saved locally and synced once you are back online.

We provide comprehensive support through troubleshooting guides, FAQs, and direct contact with our support team for any unresolved issues.

Currently, we do not offer a trial version. However, you can request a demo by contacting our sales team.

Security is our top priority. All data is encrypted, and we ensure robust protection for your information at all times.

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