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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

As a Certified Microsoft Consultancy Partner, Carbon and Finch is committed to offering the ultimate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training. Our mission is to ensure your team maximises the value of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup, driving efficiency, productivity, and innovation.

Bespoke Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training

Customised Dynamics 365 training is integral to the services we offer. We understand that businesses have unique needs and varying levels of product knowledge. Regardless of whether you're new to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or an existing user in need of additional training, we tailor our workshops to suit your specific requirements.


We enlighten your team about the business purpose and application of the implemented platform


We equip your employees with the skills to increase productivity and enhance collaboration using available tools


We guide your business towards increased efficiency, employee satisfaction, and innovation.


We prepare your team for future developments, integrations, and advancements as your platform evolves.
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In conclusion, our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Training is designed to provide your business with the tools and knowledge necessary to maximise the value of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 setup. At Carbon and Finch, we are not just a training provider, we are your partner in digital transformation and business evolution.

In the digital era, having a robust and reliable support system for your business applications is critical. Carbon and Finch, with their 24/7 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Support, nationwide coverage, and certified engineers, are a reliable partner in your digital transformation journey.

Jimmi Jakobsen - CEO