Carbon & Finch Blog: Women In Tech – Aparna Nagendra

Women In Tech – Aparna Nagendra

What was your background?

I come from a Computer Science background, and spending overall 14+ years of experience in the Tech Industry performing multiple roles with the main one being the role of a Quality Assurance Engineer/Software Tester in different companies over the years and currently I work for CARBONANDFINCH.

it is good to see more and more percentage of women globally being involved in the Tech Industry performing different roles

How did you get into Tech?

Having finished my degree – ‘Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science’, I stepped into the Tech world with open mind, trying to be a sponge and grabbing all that the Tech Industry had in store to offer me. I am lucky enough to have had this opportunity to be working for three of the Tech companies over the globe in my career – Keane International (NTT Data), Oracle Corp., CarbonAndFinch.

What are the biggest challenges you face in this role?

Being a women you will sometimes have to make the career choices which would help you balance both your family life and professional life, I think this is the challenge that most of the women in any Industry would be facing but still playing all the roles perfectly, I am happy to see many women in the Tech Industry and as well in other Industry doing so well and playing some of the biggest roles of CEO, CTO, CFO etc. in any company or being an entrepreneur themselves.

How do you feel about being a woman in the Tech industry?

It feels amazing having to get the opportunity to work on different software projects, domains, applications; meeting different people from various countries working together and understanding how different Industries work and can stitch the connection between them globally.

Also in any women’s day to day life, Technology has grabbed literally all the space from a simple pen and paper to now a whole brain being fit in a small mobile phone;

Over the years from when I started my role in the Tech Industry to now, it is good to see more and more percentage of women globally being involved in the Tech Industry performing different roles. It also brings in diversity and different thinking approach to the Industry.

What three words would you use to describe your role?

Quality, Process, Functional Proficiency

How can we get more women in Tech?

If women who would like to start their career in the Tech Industry are given training in the roles that interests them or given an opportunity to do their part time degree or certification and also given an opportunity to balance between their roles, I am sure there will be many other women who would be waiting to get an opportunity in this Industry.