Carbon & Finch Blog: Why You Should Review Your Goals

Why You Should Review Your Goals

A great deal of us begin the year by setting ourself goals we want to accomplish by the start of the following year. These goals are often then locked away only to be looked at again when we hope to have achieved them.

However, not only does this encourage goals to be forgotten, it also decreases motivation and slows progress.

So whether your goals are a week or year long, here are a few reasons why you should review your goals:

To Motivate Yourself

Looking back on the goals you have set yourself reminds you of why you set them in the first place and what you would gain by achieving them in the end. Use this motivation to inspire you to work towards your targets.

To Monitor Your Progress

There is no way to tell how close we are to achieving our goals if we do not review them. By regularly tracking our progress, we can see if we’re moving further towards or away from our goals.

To Rethink Your Strategy

Think back to the last week working towards your goals, what went well and what could you learn from?
By conducting this analysis, you can rethink your strategy and alter your tactics in order to correct past mistakes.

How Regularly Should You Review Your Goals?

Although reviewing our goals daily makes it difficult to see progress, it allows us to avoid distractions by maintaining our focus. Daily review also strengthens our commitment to our goals as we are consistently reminded of what we wish to achieve.

However, reviewing your goals doesn’t have to be an everyday task. By taking the time to complete this action at least once a month – we can realign our strategy and motivate ourselves to reach our objectives.

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