What is Microsoft SharePoint Premium and How It Is Revolutionising Content Management

Microsoft SharePoint Premium is a groundbreaking content management solution that has recently been unveiled by Microsoft. This advanced version of SharePoint is designed to address the evolving needs of modern businesses by integrating artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, automation, and enhanced security features. With SharePoint Premium, organisations can optimise their content management processes, boost productivity, and create more efficient and collaborative work environments. 

Understanding SharePoint Premium 

SharePoint Premium is the result of Microsoft’s continuous efforts to enhance its content services platform. It combines the features of Microsoft Syntex, an AI-powered content processing solution, with the capabilities of SharePoint Advanced Management. The goal of SharePoint Premium is to provide organisations with a unified platform that offers advanced content management, automation, and security features. 

By leveraging AI capabilities, SharePoint Premium aims to redefine content experiences. It enables users to collaborate on various file types, such as invoices, contracts, and proposals, using AI-powered tools that identify documents requiring attention and optimise their content. This streamlined approach to content processing enhances productivity and efficiency within organisations. 

Key Features of SharePoint Premium 

SharePoint Premium offers a range of powerful features that empower organisations to manage their content effectively. These features include: 

1. Content Experiences 

SharePoint Premium enhances productivity by providing better content experiences. Users can collaborate on hundreds of file types, leverage AI to identify documents that need attention and optimise diverse types of documents. Additionally, the integration of Microsoft Copilot further enhances content collaboration and productivity. 

2. Content Processing 

SharePoint Premium leverages AI capabilities to automate content processing. It offers advanced content processing capabilities, including file and video translation, flagging files with Personally Identifiable Information (PII), and auto-reduction of sensitive information across all files in SharePoint. These features streamline the content organisation and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations. 

3. Content Governance 

SharePoint Premium addresses common content governance challenges faced by organisations. It provides Data Access Governance (DAG) insights reports that offer a top-level view of overshared files across the SharePoint environment. It also enables IT admins to trigger site access reviews, receive AI-driven policy recommendations, and use Copilot in the SharePoint admin centre. These capabilities enhance content security and enable proactive governance. 

Benefits of SharePoint Premium 

SharePoint Premium offers several benefits that can revolutionise content management within organisations. These benefits include: 

  • Improved Productivity: With advanced AI capabilities and automation, SharePoint Premium enables users to work more efficiently, saving time and improving overall productivity. 
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The streamlined content collaboration features of SharePoint Premium enable teams to work together seamlessly, promoting collaboration and knowledge sharing. 
  • Increased Security: SharePoint Premium’s enhanced security features, such as data access governance insights and restricted access control, help organisations protect sensitive information and prevent oversharing of content. 
  • Better Compliance: By automating content processing and providing AI-driven policy recommendations, SharePoint Premium ensures compliance with data privacy regulations and internal governance policies. 

Use Cases for SharePoint Premium 

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SharePoint Premium can be applied to various use cases across industries. Some examples include: 

  • Contract Management: SharePoint Premium’s content processing capabilities can streamline contract management processes by automatically extracting key information, flagging sensitive data, and ensuring compliance. 
  • Document Collaboration: The enhanced content experiences of SharePoint Premium enable efficient collaboration on diverse file types, improving team productivity and knowledge sharing. 
  • Data Privacy and Compliance: SharePoint Premium’s content governance features help organisations ensure compliance with data privacy regulations by providing insights into overshared files and facilitating access reviews. 
  • Content Localisation: The translation capabilities of SharePoint Premium enable organisations to easily translate files and video transcripts into different languages, supporting global collaboration. 

The Future of SharePoint Premium 

Microsoft is committed to continually enhancing SharePoint Premium to meet the evolving needs of organisations. The roadmap for SharePoint Premium includes the introduction of metered services, SharePoint Advanced Management add-ons, SharePoint eSignature, and repository services. These updates will further empower organisations to optimise content management, enhance collaboration, and strengthen security. 

Conclusion: Unlock the Potential of SharePoint Premium 

SharePoint Premium is a game-changing content management solution that leverages AI capabilities, automation, and enhanced security features to revolutionise content experiences, processing, and governance. With its powerful features and benefits, SharePoint Premium empowers organisations to streamline content management, enhance collaboration, and ensure compliance. To unlock the full potential of SharePoint Premium and accelerate your digital transformation journey, consult with Carbon and Finch, an established Microsoft Partner with expertise in delivering high-quality Microsoft solutions for enterprises worldwide. Take the first step towards optimising your content management processes and transforming your organisation with SharePoint Premium and Carbon and Finch. 

Note: The information provided in this article is based on publicly available sources and is subject to change as Microsoft updates its products and services. Please refer to official Microsoft documentation for the most up-to-date information on SharePoint Premium