Carbon & Finch Blog: Using IT as a Business Time Saver

Using IT as a Business Time Saver

Many of us have been in a position where we are being pulled in every which way. We live increasingly busy lives and our attention and focus are being pulled between work, family, friends, side hustles etc.

All of this can lead to feelings of being swamped, and feelings of being utterly burnt out.

So, can IT help with this? The answer is yes. Here are come Carbon and Finch IT time-saving tips:

Keep Track of Your Time

Without knowing what you’re spending time on, you won’t know how you can reduce time spent on distractions. To get started you will need to track your time for a couple of weeks to spot patterns. This can be done by:

  • making note of how you day is structured
  • tracking your computer calendar
  • investing in an app that has been developed for the purpose of helping you to track time

Block Out Distraction

Once you have made note of your distractions, it may be time to block them out to allow yourself time to focus. There are plenty of tools available that will let you do this in a way which is tailored to you.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

There is a large possibility that some of the tasks taking up your time are repetitive administrative jobs. If you find yourself weighed down with tasks like invoicing, think about investing in tools or software that can help speed the process up for you.

Sales and marketing automation tool JeffreyAI can assist with your daily admin tasks and other repetitive tasks.

Avoid Unnecessary Meetings

There is no bigger drain on our time than unnecessary meetings or unexpected phone calls. The more you go through your career, the more you realise that some meetings could have been phone calls and some phone calls could have been emails.

One of the best ways to save time is to plan ahead. It is worth thinking:

  • Does this meeting really need to take place or can we communicate more effectively?
  • Do I need to answer that call now, or can it wait until later?

Outsource Your IT

Unless you’re running an IT business, it’s unlikely that you’re an expert in IT. Outsourcing your IT will free up more time for you to focus on the activities that build your business.

Carbon and Finch is a Technology Consultancy that is proud to be a Microsoft Partner. Over 20 years of experience means we have earnt our reputation for delivering expert services within the Technology field.

If you are interested in discovering how tech can help you to level up your business, get in touch today.