Carbon & Finch Blog: How To Adopt Technology as a Small Business

How To Adopt Technology as a Small Business

“41% of SMBs say they’re unaware of which solution is right for their business”

Many small businesses find that the fast-paced growth of the technology industry can make it difficult to know the right time to adopt new tools. But few understand that waiting too long, or lagging too far behind, can have a real negative impact on business

As a business leader, your decision to take on digital technology helps grow and stabilise your business.

Digital technologies create new experiences that drives satisfaction, helping you improve retention and attract more of the best talent.

Train Staff Members

All employees will likely have to be trained on how to use new technologies. Set time aside to train and re-train staff members with hands-on, interactive education. This strategy will help make the transition to a new technology painless and efficient.

Find Funding

Small businesses can grow using new technologies developed specifically to help raise capital. There are many crowdfunding platforms that enable the world to invest in your product or services.

Save On IT Spending

Cloud – based technologies help businesses grow with technology by providing state-of-the-art tools without the high cost usually associated with huge enterprise software programs.

Web – based technologies allow multiple users to collaborate on a single document or provide unlimited data storage.

Cloud technologies perform backups, tuning, and upgrades as part of their offering. Small business owners can access their data from any location at any time.

Automate your admin

The market for automation software has grown significantly in recent years, creating excellent opportunities for small businesses.

Automate your email marketing and communications, the implementation of a CRM should profit all staff.

JeffreyAI is a smart engagement platform.

If you run a business, then your time is precious. JeffreyAI is a sales engagement platform that looks after all those tasks that you need doing. JeffreyAI responds to inbound client enquiries, keeps track of opportunities, chases up cold leads and everything you need to do. As a result, you spend more time building relationships, negotiating deals and growing your business.