Carbon & Finch Blog: Anxiety in the workplace

Anxiety in the workplace

Work-related stress is defined as a harmful reaction that people have to undue pressures and demands placed on them at work. By its very nature, stress is difficult to measure. HSE’s preferred data source for calculating rates and estimates for work-related stress, depression or anxiety are self-reports from the Labour Force Survey (LFS)

17.9 million Working days lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2019/20 Labour Force Survey (LFS). Workplace anxiety can be triggered by many different elements, with some cases more severe than others. Many of us will admit to feeling some anxiety at work. Most of us take this as completely normal, who doesn’t feel stressed at work? But sometimes things can get a tad more serious. It is when the anxiety starts to become constant or overwhelming, hindering with your ability to perform your job, impacting your personal life or when it affects your physical/mental health, then you know that it’s time to take action.

Home – NoPanic- provides a list of symptoms to look out for and tips to help reduce stress levels.

Signs of anxiety in the workplace to look out for:

  • Trouble sleeping
  • Over/under eating
  • Feeling irritable
  • Avoiding family/friends
  • Tiredness
  • Feeling down
  • Loss of interest in your work
  • Bad memory
  • Difficulties in concentration
  • Muscle tension
  • Feeling like you’re going mad
  • Constant worrying
  • A desire to be perfect
  • Irrational fear of making mistakes
  • Crying

So what can we do to reduce anxiety in the workplace?

  • Talking is very important,
  • Learn what anxiety is.
  • Breath and relax.
  • Exercising
  • Diet is very important.
  • Practice positive thinking.
  • Bring a Moment of Mindfulness into your daily routine.
  • Write in a diary.
  • Cease fighting the anxiety.
  • Rest when you need it.

For more information see Anxiety in the workplace – NoPanic

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